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Apiculture Platform of Kenya

An umbrella organization for all stakeholders in the beekeeping industry
involved in promoting a competitive and sustainable apiculture

National Beekeeping Institute

A Government institution offering a wide range of services e.g. Training, Bee Equipment Production, Quality Analysis of Hive Products, Bee Management and Investigations, Products Utilisations and Marketing

Telephone Contacts
+254 20 3864301/2
P.O. Box 34188 OO1OO

Apiculture Research Institute.

The KALRO Apiculture Research Institute is a leading institution created under the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Act of 2013. The Institute’s main focus is to;-

  • Support the apiculture sub-sector through use of best practices.
  • Improvement and commercialisation of apiculture will contribute towards food and nutrition security and increase income.

The apiculture industry has been constrained by destruction of natural habitats, insufficient research on beekeeping technologies and honeybee biology, ineffective pest control and lack of coordination among various actors.

Telephone Contacts
+254 773 479 016/7
P.O. Box 32-30403 Marigat, Kenya.

E-mail Address:

Baraka Agricultural College

A privately run college involved in Training farmers on Beekeeping,, Bee Equipment supply and marketing of hive products.

Telephone Contacts
+254 051 721091
P. O. BOX 52, MOLO.

Honey Care Africa

A private company involved in Beekeeping Training, supply of Bee Equipment and Marketing of Honey.

Telephone Contacts
+254 20 3874489/50
P. O. BOX 24487,

Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS)

It’s a government institution involved in development and enforcement of quality standards.

Telephone Contacts
+254 20-602350/1, NAIROBI
P.O. BOX 54974

Kerio Valley Development Authority

A Government Institution involved in supply of Bee Equipment and Marketing of Honey

Genesis Community Development Assistance

An NGO based in Mwingi District of Eastern Province offering Beekeeping Training to farmers and assisting in Marketing of bee products

P.O. Box 178, KITHYOKO.

International Centre for Insect Physiology & Ecology

An international research institution dealing with some aspects of bee research and beekeeping training for farmers.

Telephone Contacts
+254 020 802501 Nairobi
P. O. BOX 30772, Nairobi

Email Address:

Africa Now.

An NGO involved in promotion of commercial beekeeping among rural communities in Western region of Kenya.

Telephone Contacts
+254 20 583120
P. O. Box 64515,

Kamurugu Agricultural DevelopmentInitiative (KADI)

An NGO Involved in improving traditional Beekeeping technologies and Bee Product Marketing initiatives in Mbeere and Embu Districts.

Telephone Contacts
+254 (068)21472,
P.O. Box 202, EMBU

Strengthening Informal Sector Training and Enterprise (SITE)

A private company involved in Beekeeping Training, supply of improved Beekeeping equipment and Marketing of Bee Products

Telephone Contacts
+254 20 716099, NAIROBI
P.O. BOX 34336,

Kenya Beekeepers Association

Sustainable Agriculture and Community Development programme (SACDEP) P.O. BOX Tel No. , NAIROBI . An NGO involved in promoting beekeeping activities in Central and Eastern Region.

Telephone Contacts
+254 20 3864301/2
P.O. BOX 00100 – 10425

Africa Beekeepers Limited (ABL)

A private company involved in Beekeeping Training, supply of Bee Equipment and Marketing of Honey.
Telephone Contacts
+254 020 551834
P.O. BOX 3752 – 0056

Bee-care Apiaries international Ltd

Beecare apiaries International Ltd are a buyers and marketers of all bee products with global market links.

Founded and established in Kenya in the year 2013, core business to buy, process and market natural bee products for local and International export markets
Telephone Contacts
+254 720 420514

Other Organizations

  • The Hive
  • Aberdare honey
  • Green Forest.
  • Egerton University

  • F.A.O.
  • U.N.E.P.
  • County Governments
  • National Government
  • Christian Aid

  • SNV
  • Plan International

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Developing Apiculture in Kenya