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Making Wax Starter Strips

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Making Wax Starter Strips

Step One in making wax starter strips is melting pure bees wax. It is preferable if you can melt it in a shallow, wide pan. Do not let the wax boil. If it boils it will destroy volatile ketones. These ketones give wax its fragrant smell. The more fragrant wax is, the better it is for drawing occupations.

Step Two is using dipping boards made of hard wood with nails or screws affixed to hold on to as handles. These boards are best made 3 inches wide and the length of your top bar. After waiting a few minutes for your hot wax to cool, dip the boards in the wax over and over again allowing time to cool in between. Wax will start to build up on the boards.

Step Three is to let wax build up on the dipping boards by dipping them in the wax at least 7 times. These boards are cooling before the next step.

Step Four takes place after the wax cools. Cut lengthwise down the center of your dipping board, then go back and remove the two strips of wax separately. It is best to have a sharp knife for the task. If the dipping boards are allowed to sit in water before you begin dipping it will help the wax to release from the board better. These are what is referred to as bees wax starter strips.

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