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Rendering wax from comb

Wax Rendering Process

Step 1

Fill a large pot half-way with water and add all your squeezed comb as well as brood comb. (Log hives typically produce the most wax.) Bring this to a boil until the comb has totally broken down, about a half hour.

Step 2

Take the boiled contents, pour it into a plastic (porous) grain bag and secure this bag to a tree branch with a rope. Use two strong durable boards to squeeze the mixture. This removes all the liquids. Thus water and melted wax will fall into the metal container underneath.

Step 3

The mixture will cool, allowing you to remove the hardened, separated wax from the top, leaving the water in the bottom of the container. You may now melt this wax and strain it to produce pure clean bees wax!

Step 4

The finished product. Pure clean wax!
Note: Be sure that your form holding the hot wax will release the wax poured into it after it hardens. You should use a plastic or flexible form and let your wax cool slightly before pouring it in. A thin coat of cooking oil or spray of silicone will help it to release even better.

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