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Benefits of APK

Professional Growth and Prosperity:

Through networking and collaboration linkages, members will find opportunities that will develop them individually or institutionally. Members will have opportunities to get involved in activities that will allow professional growth as well as influence policies and make decisions on issues affecting beekeeping sector in Kenya.

Linkage to business opportunities:

APK will provide certification and recommendation to her members in business to any business opportunity or on request. APK will ensure that her members are protected against unscrupulous business and project dealings.


Membership is open who wishes to further the interests of the bees and the Platform. The platform is open to global bee stakeholders including students beekeepers, honey packers and traders, researchers, bee equipment manufacturers, and corporate bod es. There are various categories of membership as follows:

Individual Member:

Any person above 18 years of age engaged in or promoting beekeeping initiative in Kenya. These can be individual farmers, trainers, processors, researchers, and any other parson joining as an individual. We currently have 135 registered members.

Institutional Member:

Any institution carrying out honey and other bee products production (producers), pollination services, and beekeeping inputs. The institutions include farmer groups (Self Help Groups), CBOs, Cooperatives, Associations, and Micro-enterprises/small businesses. Currently we have two paid up members in this category namely; Kamaki Farmers Cooperative Society and Oh’ Kay Honey Market.


Corporate Member:

Any organization/institution promoting beekeeping in one way or the other or supporting the initiatives undertaken by any stakeholder in Kenya. These are; Government Institutions, Parastatal, Research Institution, Learning Institutions, Financial Institutions, Quality Control Institutions, INGOs, NGOs, FBOs, Companies, Multilateral organizations and any other organization/institution willing to join. Currently we have ten (10) paid up members including; Bureau Veritas, The Hive Limited, Nyuki Hubs Limited, Apiculture Venture Limited, Bee Care Apiaries International, Chuka University, Egerton University, Beekeepers Professional Centre, Yatta Beekeepers Limited, Narropil Honey Enterprises Limited.


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